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Real Estate

Domuzo - an online apartment management software that is a one-stop solution for all apartment associations, owners and residents


In the fast-paced world of modern-day apartment living, managing the day-to-day operations of an apartment society can be a daunting task. With multiple stakeholders such as owners, tenants, and society management, it is important to have a centralized solution to keep track of the various aspects of the society such as unit ownership, maintenance, banking, and invoicing. The management of the apartment society faces numerous challenges with manual and disconnected processes, leading to inefficiencies and errors in day-to-day operations. With a view to streamlining its processes and improving the overall management of the society, Maathra developed its cloud-based ERP solution, Domuzo.


Tools & technology

  • Oracle Database

  • Oracle APEX

  • ORDS

  • Maathra ReportFactory


  • AWS S3


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