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An affordable reporting engine for Oracle DB/APEX to generate and export print reports in pdf, Word, Excel, text, XML, and HTML formats.

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Printing and Reporting Engine for Oracle DB/APEX

Maathra ReportFactory is a reporting engine built on top of JasperReports, which makes report generation simple and efficient. The solution is specifically designed for Oracle databases and APEX to generate pdf, Excel, HTML, txt, and XML documents providing an affordable reporting solution for businesses of all sizes and volumes.

How it works?


Design report templates in JasperStudio 


Upload the .jasper template in Maathra ReportFactory


Generate integration script from ReportFactory


Run the script from APEX app to generate report


Pixel Pefect Reports

Design and validate pixel pefect report using Open Source JasperSoft Studio


It is designed to scale and it can be deployed in cluster for handling large volume


Generate pdf, Excel, Word XML, txt output. Supports QR code, cheque printing.


API calls are secured with client credentials & supports domain whitelisting

Easy Integration

JavaScript based integration with Oracle APEX with limited or no-coding.

Scheduled Execution

Supports foreground and background report generation 

Multiple Datasources

Connect to multiple schema,  remote databases or even to DR databases.

Cost Effective

It s the most cost effective report printing solution for APEX available Today

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